Wellness Program Structure.

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When selecting  a program from a vendor you ought to ask the following questions – &#149 How many worksites have done the program? &#149 What types of worker population was the program offered? &#149 What educational materials are used? &#149 Will the program meet the needs of employees? &#149 What are the techniques used to […]

Choosing a Wellness Business.

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When staffing your wellness program you need to consider whether to hire a wellness staff or contract with wellness specialists from outside your organization. Small and medium size worksites do not ordinarily have a wellness professional on staff. When your worksite is in this category, you’ll need to contract with providers outside your corporation. Large […]

Wellness Program Planning.

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An annual plan for the major wellness programs and activities is a useful management tool. This is an great wellness committee task. Often an activity and wellness theme per month is offered to workers. Some organizations select to follow a National Health Observances calendar which offers advantages. the materials developed by these various national health […]

Health Risk Appraisals

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A Health Risk Appraisal is sometimes used coupled with a biometric testing. an HRA is a computerized assessment tool which looks at an individual’s family history, health status, and lifestyle. An HRA seeks to identify precursors associated with premature death or serious disease and quantifies the probable impact for each individual. An HRA instrument is […]

Wellness Program and Heart Health.

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The most common screening performed in wellness programs is heart health assessment. The screening can include a written heart health test, blood pressure measurement, cholesterol/HDL-cholesterol test, glucose (blood sugar), weight, educational materials specific to diet, nutrition, exercise, cholesterol, use of tobacco, and weight. The health professional conducting the screening then provides a consultation and helps […]

Employee Health Testing.

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The backbone of wellness programming at the worksite is medical screening. It’s the first major activity a business ought to do when first starting a wellness program. Biometric testing is often used along with the administration of a Health Risk (Assessment|Appraisal} . The most effective way to screen is to utilize a health expert trained […]

Wellness Program Budgets.

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Attempting to do more with less money? Here are three proven ways to align the dollars and cents of a wellness program in your budget. Common thread –  the way you prepare – and control – your budget for a wellness program is vital to its success. 1. Top-down budget Depending on the size of […]

Wellness Program – Goals and Goals.   

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Objectives are broad-based statements about what the program is expected to do. the goal of the wellness program is to enhance the health of the individual and the organization. Objectives like mission statements provide direction in a program.    Goals are specific and provide a means of measurement of the program to determine effectiveness. There are […]

Worker obesity.

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Thinking about an obesity-related disease management program for your organization? Here’s what you need to know. In order to be effective, the program must meet participants’ individual medical and psychological needs, not to mention your own organization’s need to control long-term health costs. How wide-reaching should the program be? After all, it doesn’t make sense […]

Wellness Program Committee.

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Wellness committees are important in that they create a sense of ownership in the program, and facilitate various tasks involved in wellness programming at the workplace. The committee must be composed of a cross-section of employees representing various occupations, levels, and subgroups with the organization. A common mistake is filling the committee with the most […]